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Hello to our clients in The United States

Thank you very much for visiting our website. Now we can send to The United States but it is necessary to add to the price all the costs like, packing, international messenger company and commission of PayPal because it is with them that we accept the payments.

The price extra brought near to paying in US $ is calculated in agreement to the range of prices of our products, this way:

For purchases between:

US $   10.00 to US $   40.00 fixed additional Quota US $ 17.00
US $   38.01 to US $   80.00 fixed additional Quota US $ 22.00
US $   80.01 to US $ 155.00 fixed additional Quota US $ 33.00
US $ 155.01 to US $ 300.00 fixed additional Quota US $ 38.00

More than US $ 300.00 free shipping



  • It selects the article that you like adding it to the cart.

  • It checks the cart, are previous modifications before filling the form with your information.


    Checkout, leaves your information and is your order


    When you do the order we will receive the notification and will contact by return mail a review of your order expressed in US $ besides the requirement of payment across PayPal.


    It realizes the payment.


    The time of preparation of the sending is one to two weeks later to the confirmation of payment.

  • The time of traffic of the package towards The United States is from 15 to 20 working days. It means that you will be receiving your order once done the confirmation of payment between 4 to 5 weeks later.


Please any question you can write us to


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